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March 31, 2015

(Super) Teen Poetry Contest

by MandyTheLibrarian


Calling all teen poets!

Click here to submit up to two original poems about this year’s Summer Reading Club theme of Superheroes/Heroes.

Poetry submissions will be accepted April 1st to 30th through the online submission form. You can choose any poetry form you like–rhyming, haiku, free verse, iambic pentameter–you name it! Poems will be judged by a panel of librarians for creativity, interpretation of the theme, grammar and spelling, and overall writing quality.

Need some inspiration? Click here to read some examples of teen poetry on the topic of superheroes.*

Your super poem could win! Two middle and two high school winners, and one Teen Choice Award winner, will receive snazzy writing journals, and winning poems will be published online on this site!

*Courtesy of Power Poetry, “the world’s first and largest mobile poetry community for youth.”

March 20, 2015

Blackout Poetry @ TW

by AdrienneTheLibrarian

The February meeting of the Teen Writers Guild @ TW was full of found poetry. We used the pages of a damaged book (a copy of Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon went swimming at the beach this past summer and came back damp and sandy) to find our poems. Take a look at what imagination and a sharpie can do.

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May 7, 2014

POW! Poem On Wednesday

by LisaTheLibrarian

The dog’s violent sneeze

Fails to rouse a single fly

On his mangy back.


by Richard Wright

Haiku: This Other World, edited by Yoshinobu Hakutani and Robert L. Tener

December 11, 2013

POW! (Poem on Wednesday)

by LisaTheLibrarian
December Substitute, by Kenn Nesbitt
Our substitute is strange because
he looks a lot like Santa Claus.
In fact, the moment he walked in
we thought that he was Santa’s twin.

We wouldn’t think it quite so weird,
if it were just his snowy beard.
But also he has big black boots
and wears these fuzzy bright red suits.

He’s got a rather rounded gut
that’s like a bowl of you-know-what.
And when he laughs, it’s deep and low
and sounds a lot like “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

He asks us all if we’ve been good
and sleeping when we know we should.
He talks of reindeers, sleighs, and elves
and tells us to behave ourselves.

And when it’s time for us to go
he dashes out into the snow.
But yesterday we figured out
just what our sub is all about.

We know just why he leaves so quick,
and why he’s dressed like Old Saint Nick
in hat and coat and boots and all:
He’s working evenings at the mall.

November 13, 2013

POW! (Poem On Wednesday)

by LisaTheLibrarian

autumn rain —

a dog looks up at each person

passing on the street

– by Check Brickley, in The Haiku Anthology, Cor Van den Heuvel, ed.

November 6, 2013

POW! (Poem On Wednesday)

by LisaTheLibrarian

The fog has settled

around us. A faint redness

where the maple was.


by Claire Pratt, in The Haiku Anthology, Cor Van den Heuvel, ed.

October 23, 2013

POW! Poem On Wednesday

by LisaTheLibrarian

“What to Wear When” by J. Patrick Lewis

When I was a boy in Looziana,
We wore blue jeans
And a red bandana.

My folks moved up
To the state of Maine,
We wore duck shoes
In slicker-suit rain.

My folks moved down
To the state of Texas,
We wore brand names
Like Lazy X’s.

Now that we are living
Up in Vermont,
We wear pretty much
Whatever we want.

Poem discovered via the Poetry Foundation’s Poetry App

April 18, 2013

Blackout Poetry

by NicoletheLibrarian

On Tuesday, April 16, 2013 we had a Blackout Poetry Workshop at Fairfield Area Library.

Here are some of our wonderful blackout poems:

VR blackout-page-0VR blackout-page-1










By Victor R.
























By Ivaco C.



blackout poetry










By NicoletheLibrarian

April 18, 2013

Northside TAB Recommends

by LisaTheLibrarian

Here we are again, the dynamic duo(+2) with another TAB recommends.  We’ve got a fantastic lineup for y’all today so listen up.

By SeppVei (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Poetry – here’s a great poem all about everyone’s favorite luxury item, Socks.  Ode to my socks, like box, except without the b and the x.  “The Red Wheelbarrow” is also great so make sure you click that link.  Here’s another poem by yours truly, the dynamic duo of awesomeness.

Duct Tape, Cardboard, and a Stapler

What animal makes no noise in a empty room

a duck

that’s why duct tape is good for you.

Cardboard too, is great you see

just pick it up, and it’s a jamboree

Lastly is the glorious stapler

king of them all

he’ll bind you, and find you, and play a kazoo.

Books – Here we feel the need to mention a few titles to you that have been brought to our attention.  The Foundling’s Tale series, by D.M. Cornish is awesome (he doesn’t like corn I don’t think; after all, with a name like that, it’d be cannibalism).  It is about a young boy who grows up in a orphanage in a land of monsters, and monster slayers.  If you like slayers, or slaying, or monsters, check them out.  They’ll eat your socks off.

[If you liked that poem above try the graphic novel Cardboard, by Doug TenNapel. Click on book covers to find the book in our catalog. -LisaLibrarian]

Random –  Speaking of socks, here’s a dog eating socks.   Also, speaking of dogs and socks, here’s a little tidbit about the black plague.  For all you unknowing fellows and felines, “Ring Around The Rosies” is all about it.  Ring around the rosie is what the beginning of the plague looked like on your body.  Pockets of posies were used to cover up the omnipresent odor of death (they thought it caused the disease).  Then they fall down “dead.”

April 16, 2013

Poem in Your Pocket Day is TODAY!

by LisaTheLibrarian

Celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day on Thursday, April 18!pocket poem

  • Carry a poem with you
  • Give a poem to a friend
  • Tweet a poem; #pocketpoem
  • Make a poem your Facebook status

Write the poem yourself, select one from a library book, or choose one of these.


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