Instructions + Form

Help us review the newest teen books and earn yourself some community service!

Read + Review helps the library promote its new YA Books.  Students in grades 6-12 can read New titles from the library’s YA collections and submit a review for us to share on our website and Tumblr.  Check our Reviews to see the latest reviews, and visit our Tumblr to view them all!  Students are limited to 10 hours of community service for Read + Review per semester.

Follow these instructions to submit your review:
1.  Check out any New book on the shelf in your library’s Teen section. New Fiction and Nonfiction books are the only books eligible for Read + Review credit.

2.  Write your book review  using the form below. The review must be entirely written in your own words; do not plagiarize.

3.  Remember to check your spelling before you submit and be careful with grammar. Make sure your review meets the minimum length requirements before you submit.

4. A teen librarian will email you with directions for claiming your community service hours within two weeks of your submission.  Be sure to submit your review well in advance of any community service paperwork deadlines!

Reviews that follow the directions and are written using good grammar and spelling earn one hour of community service credit.  Exceptional reviews chosen for publication on the Teen Scene website will earn one additional hour of credit, for a total of two hours of credit.

Thanks for helping the library through Read + Review.  Use the form below to send in your review, and visit our Examples page if you need more help getting started!