Read + Review: Misfit City vol. 1 by Kirsten Smith


Wilder is pretty tired out with what her home-town has to offer. She is pretty sure she has seen everything the town has to offer, and she is not satisfied. She wants something more than just an ordinary life, and she has been yearning for this for quite the while now. She finally decides to leave her home in search for a better life, but she then discovers something new; a map to a treasure chest. She then decides that this is what she has been wanting this whole time, and she decides to go on a journey with her best friends to find this “gold” and a life she has been wanting.

I personally think that this book was pretty good for a starter to this series. Oftentimes, books that start of a series can get really boring sometimes as we wait for the plot to kick in. Although in this book, even if the plot kicked in late, they had some really good filler pages to make up that extra space. The art style and the choice of color was also really intriguing and unique, and I felt like it suited it very well.

I really liked the part of when they found the map, but they realized that they did not know how to use it at all. This told me that it was going to be a long, and fun series. Another thing I would really like to point out in the diversity in this book. The group of friends is not just one race, or size, but multiple, and I really liked that about this book.


Reviewed by Siri, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

Read + Review: Goldie Vance vol 2 by Hope Larson


Sixteen-year-old Goldie Vance and her best friend Cheryl find a girl in a space suit washed up on the beach of their hometown, St. Pascal, Florida. When the girl wakes up and doesn’t remember a thing, Goldie and Cheryl try to figure out who she is. The situation gets complicated when Cheryl gets mad at Goldie. Goldie tries to say sorry to Cheryl and in the process, sees her riding in a car with the strange girl. Now Goldie must find out what Cheryl was doing with the strange girl. Will they be friends again and why was Cheryl with that girl? Read the book to find out.

This book has its strengths and weaknesses. I enjoyed the unique story and how it twisted and turned in unexpected ways. I also liked that the book was written in graphic novel form as I have not read many graphic novels. Something I would like to see different is the complexity of the characters. The characters were very simple and the book did not go into much depth about them. However, I still enjoyed this book.

One memorable thing about the book was the surprising ending. In many other mystery books, I can easily predict the ending because of the way most mystery books end. However, when it came to this book I predicted one thing and something completely different happened!


Reviewed by Anika, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

Read+ Review: Invincible Iron Man: Ironheart Vol 1: Riri Williams by Brian Michael Bendis


A 10-year old named Riri appears to be a ‘super genius’. Riri is a friendly and likable person. However, she has a hard time being with other people, including kids. From some other Marvel comics, the setting is different. It is not just in New York like it usually is. In this book, the action takes place from Chicago to Wyoming to Stark HQ. Most importantly, though, is how will Riri end up saving the day? Read the comic to find out!

I thought this read was great! It was worth my time to read. Whenever I read a comic, the graphics appeal to me the most. The plotline wasn’t confusing at all! It was a very understandable book. Like all Marvel comics, the science fiction really stands out. Especially in this book too. The author, Brian Michael Bendis, incorporated a good amount of humor in the book to keep it likable. Obviously, I disliked all the bad guys just as most people do. However, the character that appealed to me the most was Riri, for the personality we share. It may not be for everyone, but it was a fantastic read for me!

Something I loved about the book is that Riri is extremely smart. I can relate to that since I think I am really smart. I feel that I am related with her in several ways. For example, I like working and making things more than going outside to play. Riri does the same! I for one think my similarities with her are neat.


Reviewed by Risshi, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

Read + Review: Protected by Claire Zorn



The book, Protected, is centered around a girl named Hannah. The plotline of the story is very engrossing, as it is the story of a girl fighting her way through the nightmare of high school in Australia. Life has always been hard for Hannah in high school since her sister, Katie died. She was always taunted, teased, and tormented. Hannah should feel terrible, but for the first time in ages, the bullies who relentlessly tormented her have backed off – and she feels a glimmer of hope. Now, she has barely any friends to guide her at school. She is basically isolated at school and home. Until a boy named Josh becomes her friend. For once, Hannah can reconcile her grief and past troubles and start a new life. The main characters that make a stand in the book are Hannah, Josh, Katie, and her supporting school counselor, Anne.

I found this book very entertaining and quite engaging as well. I finished the book in one sitting! Since I mainly like nonfiction and science fiction, it is a little surprising I finished a fiction book so fast. It really was that good! From Hannah’s perspective, I would definitely dislike Tara and Amy. However, from their perspective, I understand why they would tease Hannah, because of her physical characteristics. I still think, though, that Tara and Amy made wrong actions. There is not that much humor in this book since it is depressing and sorrowful throughout the beginning and middle parts of the book. The personality of the book was the part that sold me though. It has just the right balance for a good read.

Something I loved about this book was about how Hannah learned to make friends. With her current social conditions, I thought it would be hard to make friends.  Moreover, it isn’t everyday one makes a new friend; especially a good friend. I found this to be a memorable moment in the book.


Reviewed by Risshi, Grade 6, Tuckahoe Library