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Summer Stories Poetry Contest — Week 7 Winner

Congratulations to Quinn C., grade 8, at Libbie Mill Library! Quinn’s Free Verse was randomly selected as this week’s Summer Stories Poetry Writing Contest winner. Quinn will receive a copy of The Daily Poet by Kelli Agodon & Martha Silano.

Week 7 Poem Type:
Free Verse

Quinn’s Winning Poem:

War never changes.

I wake up to smell the fresh air.
But all I smell is War.

I read the paper
and all I see is War.

I walk my dog around the block
and all I hear is War.

I go to work
and all I feel is War.

I go to Bed.
I dream,
and I dream about War.

Then I wake up.
And repeat.
Over and over and over.

I pray for it to stop.
But it never ends.
All I know is War.
War never changes.

Summer Stories Poetry Contest — Week 1 Winner

Congratulations to Isaiah T., grade 7, at Libbie Mill Library! Isaiah’s Limerick was randomly selected as this week’s Summer Stories Poetry Writing Contest winner. Isaiah will receive a copy of The Daily Poet by Kelli Agodon & Martha Silano.

Week 1 Poem Type:

Isaiah’s Winning Poem:

Once there was a girl named Ming
She saw a boy leave a little girl crying
The boy was laughing evilly.
So Ming slapped him silly.
And the two girls went home singing.

Read + Review: The Wish Grantor by C.J. Redwine

the wish granter

Arianna Glavan and her twin brother, Thaddeus are children of the King and now banished from the Kingdom of Súndraille after their beloved mother is found dead. Then suddenly, the royal family mysteriously dies and Thad’s fate is changed to being the rightful King as Ari is to be trained as a proper princess. When she finally figures out that this actually wasn’t her destiny and instead the work of the Wish Granter, a devious creature, she must find a way to stop him before Thad exchanges the safety of everyone for his soul. Arianna decides to conscript the Weapon’s Master, Sebastian to teach her to fight and help uncover the Wish Granter’s weakness to rescue what she cherishes most.

I thought this book was an exquisite interpretation of a fairy-tale classic and the characters were without a doubt, a perfect plus to the story. Each character’s role had a huge impact in how the novel would go, so without one of them, the biggest parts of the story would not come to play. The realm of this fairy-tale world was the picture of elegance, so the situations were very detailed whenever Ari or the Wish Granter was going somewhere to make a scene. The writing style was giving off the vibe that you were inside the book itself and was re-living the tale in a contemporary way.

The most memorable part of this novel was that it was showing the true moral and lesson like the real fantasy story. Remember, everything comes with a price!


Reviewed by Ashley, Grade 6, Tuckahoe Library 

Read + Review: Thieving Weasels by Billy Taylor

thieving weasels

When Skipper O’Rourke runs away from his criminal family, he thinks he will never encounter them again. But in his senior year at Wheaton Preparatory Academy, and in love with the girl of his dreams, his crazy family comes back. He had just been accepted into Princeton University and his future seemed bright. Now his family threatens to take all of that away if he doesn’t do an important job for them. Will he do it, or risk all the things and people he loves in his life?

I think this book was great! I loved the way his life takes twists and turns as time goes by. It really made the book more interesting. I also liked how many of the characters had so many different identities. It made it a challenge to keep up with all of them.

I will remember how awful his life was at one time and how he had to deal with the challenges of moving every month, not having enough money, and being treated so badly by people in his own family.


Reviewed by Jackson, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library


Read + Review: It Looks like This by Rafi Mittlefehdt

it looks like this

This book is about a young fifteen year old boy named Mike. His family had just moved to a new city in Virginia. His high school year turns out a bit frustrating until a new boy, Sean, comes into his French class. They hang out after school and work on a project. But, there are always people around. Mike experiences tragedies in love and loss throughout his year in a new place.

I think that this book was well written with good description. The ending was very unexpected with a huge plot twist. I liked the author’s description when he was writing about the sunset. One thing that I disliked was the lack of quotation marks when a character was talking. I hope that the author makes a sequel!

A memorable thing is the detail the author put in. He carefully wrote details that created a visual image in my mind. I felt like I was actually at the beach with the characters.


Reviewed by Nikhil, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library 


Read + Review: The Phoenix by S. F. Said


Lucky used to be an ordinary teenager except for one thing: he has never known his father. He lived with his mother on a mild planet, until one day, he has a strange dream. He can fly through space, feeling and “knowing” the stars. He gets too close to one and wakes up. However, he has burned through his sheets. He tries to change them without his mother noticing, but she then realizes what happened. Without telling Lucky anything, she takes him and flees to the nearest spacecraft. Surprisingly, instead of choosing a human pilot, she takes them to an Axxa, the deadly enemy aliens of humans. As they are about to flee from this unknown something, powerful agents called Shadow Guards appear and his mother sacrifices herself as a distraction. Lucky flees into space, alone with only an Axxa family to keep him company. He decides to search for his father to get answers, but he has no idea where to look. Lucky gradually develops a friendship with the Axxans, and they search the galaxy with the help of beings who can tell the past and the future. As Lucky explores and discovers what he never expected in his life, he learns truths about his family and about himself. He finds that he has a unique power which is gradually burning and killing him. In the end, will he be able to sacrifice himself to save the galaxy, or will everyone fall to the power of the Wolf?
This was a well-paced book, with characters that were developed carefully. The different tones and moods emphasized certain ideas and established a strong overall atmosphere. I enjoyed the writing style, for it was both simple and elegant at the same time. The storyline was well crafted, with twists and turns that made it interesting. The author wrote the book in a way that makes the audience want to read to the end to find out all that happens. There was also some humor which added to the overall quality of the read. Ultimately, I enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to a friend.
When reading the book, some of the most unique aspects were the illustrations. The black and white drawings generally portray dreamlike, beautiful images with highly intricate details and abstract forms that stay in the mind for long periods of time.

Reviewed by Shivram, Grade 9, Gayton library