Read + Review — Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, Book Three), by Marissa Meyer


The plot thickens as Cinder, Scarlet, Wolf, and Captain Thorne attempt to rescue Cress from her satellite. This, however, goes all wrong when Cress and Captain Thorne end up in the desert. It’s a race against the clock to prevent Queen Levana from marrying Emperor Kai. The fate of planet Earth is at stake and only they can stop it.

My opinion on Cress is that it was the best book ever, next to Cinder and Scarlet. It is the perfect balance of adventure, science fiction, and humor. I especially enjoyed Captain Thorne and his frequent humorous comments. Even with that, he is as serious as everyone else.

One memorable thing was when Cress was kidnapped and taken to Doctor Erland.


Reviewed by Ashley, grade 6, Gayton Branch Library

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