Read + Review: The Blood of Olympus, by Rick Riordan

In this book, the crew of the Argo II has an impossible mission ahead of them. As the end of the world approaches, each of the seven demigods in the prophecy know that they have an important role in stopping the Earth Mother, Gaea. However, the lives of the heroes are not the only things at risk. Everything that ever existed will have been destroyed; people, places, cities, buildings will have been removed from existence. There is only one way to stop it, and sacrificing one’s life is necessary. Leo has a theory, and knows his friends will do anything to stop it, but all of them have already learned that one is going to die. That is if the Greek and Roman camps do not already tear each other apart, as Octavian is relying on monstrous allies, and is promoting the war. To prevent this, Nico travels back home, to Camp Half-Blood, in his trio with Reyna and Coach Hedge. Legend says the rift between Greeks and Romans will be fixed if a Roman places the Athena Parthenos in front of the Greek camp. With no other option, this trio does their best to transport a massive, 40-ton statue, regardless of what troubles lay in their future, and even with a deadly giant, a hunter, following their tail.

The crew’s task is just as difficult, with having to fight monsters every hour, defending themselves from evil spirits, and learning to control their worst fears. Tensions run high, but their motivation gives them one last good time, before their job leaves no space for anything more. Even when their quest has only one goal, they must travel just about everywhere to acquire what is necessary to win the fight. Unfortunately, gods and demigods need to be working together to destroy the giants, but the gods, split in Greek and Roman forms, are nowhere to be found. The demigods, however, have many adventures, and they all end at Olympia, in Greece, and if the Blood of Olympus is spilled, Gaea will wake, and all will be lost.

I feel that this is another amazing book by Rick Riordan. I enjoyed every part of this book, especially the cliffhanger at the end, and found it highly entertaining, even among the other books. The writing style was complete and well formed, and the different adventures in this book make you want to keep on reading, to finish all of it and find out the final ending. As that point comes, it leaves you to wonder what could have happened in the future, the unknown. The characters were described thoroughly, and the varying adventures give you all the thrills you expect with even more to come. It was a mildly serious book, but the humor here and there is good enough to satisfy one. The only part I disliked came at the end, during the battle. I believe that the author should have increased the action in that area, for it seemed too sudden and simple. Even with that, it is still a great read, and the overall book is very well written. I enjoyed reading this, and I would definitely recommend this book.

One memorable part of this book is when Piper and Annabeth enter the underground temple of the makhai, and the descriptions of how they work together to release fear and panic. I enjoyed the imagery of Piper finding out how to control her emotions, not to mention the details of the fear and panic itself.


Reviewed by Shivram, grade 7, Gayton Branch Library

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