Read + Review: Warriors Super Edition: Bramblestar’s Storm, by Erin Hunter

A dark storm looms over the frail ThunderClan and its neighboring clans. After the Great Battle, dozens of cats with Firestar, the most talented leader of the time, walk in StarClan (the cats’ equivalent of heaven). Bramblestar leads on his shaken clan with an unsteady paw, with every decision doubted with the thought of “what would Firestar do?” As Bramblestar leads cautiously, a prophecy is delivered to his dreams by Firestar himself. The restless leader beats his brain out try to decipher the prophecy of “when water meets blood, blood will rise” while dark clouds threaten rain and destruction. After a gigantic flood that threatened the whole stability of the four clans, Bramblestar learns what life is like as leader in grim times. After adding three more weary, kittypet (the clan cats’ name for house cats) mouths to feed at a time where the prey was becoming awfully scarce, the humble cat becomes even more shaken by the growing responsibilities of being a leader and a hero. Will Bramblestar be able to pull his clan back? Will the four clans live peacefully again? Find out in this breathtaking book.

I thought this was an outstanding book just like all of the other books in the series, written by Erin Hunter (who is actually six people). The book’s outstanding plot, fantastic character relationships, and amazing handling combined with the cliff hanger in the last book, The Last Hope (which had no sequels for about a year), make a exceptional book. Erin Hunter gives phenomenal feeling and passion towards the book, leaving me begging for a sequal. I also enjoyed the one-character perspective that adds simplicity to the book. However, I do criticize on the fact how everything happened a little too fast, where the other books happened more steadily, and the very brief ending.

I very much enjoyed the clan cats and kittypets reaction towards each other. The weird discrimination and reactions of the kittypets reaction towards eating raw to the overall clan cats’ “awkward” hate over the outsiders just warms my heart.


Reviewed by Henry, grade 7, Tuckahoe Area Library

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