Read + Review — Year of Mistaken Discoveries, by Eileen Cook

Being adopted brought Avery and Nora together, but they aren’t best friends anymore. Now they are both in their senior year of high school, and senior project is right around the corner. Avery’s senior project is on education reform, and even to her, it’s lame. Nora is adopted, and her project is finding her birth mom. Avery has a great life, a great boyfriend; on the other hand, Nora is on the other end of the food chain. But Avery’s life turns upside down when Nora accidentally overdoses a couple days after she tells Avery about her project. Avery is left without a partner and Nora’s partner, Brody, is left without a partner. Avery feels like she owes it to Nora to find her [Avery’s] birth mom, and Brody agrees, after instituting some rules. Join Avery and Brody for the ride of their lives.

I think the main characters (Avery, Nora, and Brody) are very deep, and I like the dynamics between the three of them. The writing style wasn’t confusing, which I appreciated. However, I didn’t like many of the situations, and it’s not a humorous book. Overall, I’m feeling very ‘eh’ about this book, but it’s a good book to read if you have nothing to read.

The most memorable thing is that it’s okay to not know what you’re going to do at seventeen. It’s a message sent to society, which is obsessed in knowing what you will do with your life.


Reviewed by Allie, grade 9, Twin Hickory Area Library 

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