Read + Review — The Islands At The End Of The World, by Austin Aslan





This book was about a girl named Lei and her father trying to get back to their home island in Hawaii from O’ahu. Lei is an epileptic, and she has to go to O’ahu to do some medical testing. While they are visiting O’ahu, the world experiences an electronics failure, and the Hawaiian inhabitants start to turn very hostile. It is then a race against time for Lei and her father to get home.

I thought this was a very good book. It shows how humanity can be very chaotic and unstable without good leadership, since all of the world leaders went into hiding after the blackout. It also depicts how desperate people can be to get what they want, such as a man killing another man over a boat. It is a book that very well describes human nature.

I like the author’s vivid description of the beautiful Hawaiian scenery.


Reviewed by Ian, grade 10, Gayton Branch Library


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