Read + Review: I Love I Hate I Miss My Sister, by Amélie Sarn

Nobody is perfect. It’s been one year since Sohane’s sister Djelila has been burned alive. Sohane had been noticing that Djelila was breaking away from their Muslim religion by wearing short/tight clothes and drinking alcohol. Sohane tries to explore her religious and feminist beliefs.

This book related to my faith as I am a Muslim, too. Its situations related to me a lot because this book was based on real events. I loved how the author decided to add some action with Djelila being burned alive, and Sohane getting expelled for wearing a head scarf. It leads her towards the exploration of her life.

A memorable thing about this book was that it involved a religion which a lot of people judge upon.


Reviewed by Fiza, grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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