Read + Review: How to Lead a Life of Crime, by Kirsten Miller

In the slums of Lower East side, Flick is a pickpocket. And a good one at that. Give him a way to take something of value off you, and he will. However that all changes when a man named Lucian Mandel offers him attendance in the most prestigious academy in the country. Mandel Academy graduates have always become great politicians, CEO’s, millionaires. Mandel offers Flick a way to get back at his father. However, Flick will have to change himself, be willing to do anything to get the evidence necessary, even if it means losing everything he holds close.

I really liked the book. The character development was one of the best points. The characters progress differently from each other, and each is likable or maybe someone you’d love to hate. The situations were well thought out and planned thoroughly so every moment was suspenseful. I sped through the book and enjoyed it a great deal.

The most memorable thing is when Flick goes on his field trip. He was to steal a phone and take the evidence from it. He does it, but afterwards but the evidence he finds makes him question if he really has what it takes to become the beast the academy wants him to be.



Reviewed by Alsharief, grade 11, Twin Hickory Area Library

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