Read + Review: Unstoppable Octobia May, by Sharon G. Flake

Octobia May is a young African-American girl who is living in a time where Jim Crow Laws are still in full effect. After she nearly dies, she gets to live with her Aunt Shuma, who gives her all the freedom she could ever ask for. Unfortunately for Mr. Davenport, she uses this freedom to spy on him because she believes that he is a vampire. She then uncovers something greater than she could have ever expected with the help of her friends Jonah and Bessie. Along her journey, she discovers the true meaning of freedom.

I enjoyed the fact that the book showed what life was like for African-Americans in the past. There were great characters, lots of action, and an interesting setting. I thought that the author’s writing style was confusing at times. The dialogue was really hard to follow and I got confused on which character was talking at that time. Overall, I thought that the book was enjoyable even though I thought that the author’s writing style could have been better.

The most memorable thing about this book is when Octobia May lets Jonah give her a perm. It didn’t end well for her and she ends up hairless for a while.


Reviewed by Janine, grade 7, Glen Allen Branch Library

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