Read + Review: The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel Vol. 1

The Graveyard Book is about a young boy called Bod, short for Nobody, Owens. He lives in a graveyard with his parents, Mistress and Master Owens. His friends are all ghosts, who protect him after a murderer tries to kill him. His guardian, Silas, is neither living nor dead, and is Bod’s best friend. Later, Bod befriends a living girl, and when she moves away, the ghost of a witch.

I loved it, and this graphic novel version represented the characters very well. I especially liked the effects on the ghosts. Silas, though, was depicted very vampire-like with red eyes, which I disliked a lot. It made everything seem creepy, because the book never mentioned Silas’s eye color. The art bothered me a bit, though, because it seemed to be drawn hastily instead of carefully outlined.

I like how the graphic novel is done in volumes. It makes everything easier.


four stars


Reviewed by Maggie, grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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