Northside TAB Recommends

This is a very special issue of our monthly Northside TAB recommends and that is because it is our 100th issue!!!*

Haha. Ha.  Just kidding, I actually have no honest clue as to which issue this is however it will most definitely be the best.  And why is that you might ask?  Well because we are officially announcing the release of our upcoming Thriller video (guest starring Madoc as Shakira and James as Beyonce)!  That’s right, you heard it here first.  The Northside TAB will be debuting this video in response to an inter-TAB challenge *coughcoughtwinhickorytuckahoecoughcough.*  Of course Northside TAB will be throwing down the hippest, raddest, most awesomest Thriller video library TABs have to offer.  Let this be a warning to Northwest and West End TABs,  “We are coming for you. And we will dance you to death.”  Get it?  “To death,” like zombies.  He. hehe. he.

photo via The Guardian (

All jokes aside, please stay updated on TeenScene posts to be on the lookout for the upcoming poll because ITS UP TO YOU!  That’s right, you, the reader, will get a chance to watch every TAB’s Thriller Videos and vote for your favorite!  That, is what we recommend for you all this fine afternoon.  Stay tuned and vote for your favorite, that is all.

On another note, I figured I’d recommend some other cool things.  For starters, this past season of Anime included a few great series that you should check out as soon as physically and emotionally possible.  Tokyo Ghoul, Akame Ga Kill, Sword Art Online 2, and Aldnoah were particularly mentally stimulating and exciting.  Prepare yourself before watching these brilliant animes as they will make you laugh, cry, and fangirl/boy yourself to the netherworlds.

Hmmmm……is there anything else for this extra special issue?  Let’s ask someone other than myself.   As I write these words the many volunteers heed my call with a resounding PSYCHO-PASS.  That is an anime for all of you who are unaware of what this is.  I also thought it was particularly OK.  BLOOD OF OLYMPUS is being recommending very loudly from the seat next to me.  That is a book for all of you who geek books out in the internetosphere.

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*Editor’s note: according to WordPress, it is our 20th post titled “Northside TAB Recommends,” so that’s a nice landmark number.

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