Read + Review: Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson is asked to put all of his knowledge of the gods into one book.He reluctantly agrees to tell each god’s stories in turn. In the first few chapters he talks about the very beginning with Gaea and the titans and the birth of the gods. He describes the gods in both flattering and rather unfortunate ways. Hopefully the gods will not punish him for his sometimes brutal honesty.

The book was enjoyable but I found it was a little hard to read at times because these are stories about the gods rather than Percy and his friends. I love Percy as a narrator and I think Rick Riordan did a wonderful job making Percy as humorous as ever. Reading the myths from Percy’s point of view made them more interesting. I If you like Greek mythology and Percy Jackson then this is perfect for you.

Overall this was a good read and it was fun reading a different version of Greek mythology.

four stars

Reviewed by Abigail, grade 9, Gayton Branch Library

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