Read + Review: The F- It List, by Julie Halpern

Alex is still grieving her father’s death. But when she finds out that her best friend, Becca, has been diagnosed with cancer, she realizes that she needs to be strong. Especially so because Becca has a special favor to ask of Alex. Since she was nine, Becca, had kept a running “bucket list” of things she wanted to do before she died. Now that she actually may be dying, Becca hands over the list to Alex and asks her to complete the items on the list for her. Although hesitant at first, Alex soon realizes that Becca’s bucket list may lead her to really start living… and maybe even loving again.

I didn’t really like this book all that much. It had a few good parts here and there: I really liked seeing Becca and Alex’s friendship grow and Alex herself realizing that there was so much more she could do with her life. I also liked watching Alex’s relationship with the mysterious Leo Dietz bloom into something more than just “friends.” But the majority of the book was filled with meaningless arguments, half-hearted sadness, and often boring situations.

Watching Alex live through Becca’s dreams was enjoyable. It was nice to see how close the two of them were and how best friends can really change your life for the better.


Reviewed by Asha, grade 10, Twin Hickory Area Library 

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