Read + Review: Let’s Get Lost, by Adi Alsaid

This book introduces the reader to the lives of four different teenagers living across the United States.There’s Hudson, a mechanic from a small town who is confused about what he really wants from his life; Elliot, who will do anything to convince his best friend to fall in love with him; Bree, a runaway who is still trying to cope with the loss of her parents and quite possibly her sister; and Sonia, who is scared to admit what she really wants. All four of these teenagers meet one very special girl: Leila. When each of them is feeling their lowest, Leila swoops into their lives to help them, and then leaves just as quickly. But maybe Leila needs some help figuring out her life too…

I honestly loved this book. It was different because it technically told 5 different stories (including Leila’s personal story), but they all somehow were brought together. I liked how even though Hudson, Elliot, Bree, and Sonia had never met or even heard of each other, they were still somehow connected by Leila, who left a lasting impression on each of their lives. It was always surprising and left me wanting more. I really enjoyed picking out the different themes of the book: love, loss, hope, disease, faith, and so many more. This book was very complex but still so relatable.

For me, I really loved seeing how even though each of the characters thought their life was over at some point, they always ended up realizing that there was always hope and there was always a chance to start again.


– Reviewed by Ahsa, grade 10, Twin Hickory Area Library

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