Pre-Pub Teen Book Review – Party Games

Party Games is another thriller from celebrated author R. L. Stine, about a sixteen-year-old girl named Rachel who is invited to a party by Brendan Fear, a mysterious boy at her school. Before long, things start to go awry and partyers end up dead. Rachel and the surviving teens frantically try to escape before a strange plot twist ruins the whole book.

The premise of the book is interesting and exciting. Its a fresh new horror story that leaves me on the edge of my seat sometimes. But the writing is a bit bland, and a surprise plot twist near the end of the book really ruins the story. And it all goes downhill from there. I would not reccommend this book. While R. L. Stine is a master of children’s thrillers, as exemplified in Goosebumps, his wildly popular horror series, he did not succeed with a teen book.

The only thing memorable about this book is the premise. The book is fairly good about Chapters 8-23, with the beginning painfully slow and predictable and the ending a nightmare, both literally and figuratively. If R. L. Stone had put as much care and thought into this novel as much as his Goosebumps series, I would enjoy it. But alas, he didn’t, and we are stuck with this, a mildly interesting novel that ruins itself in the end.

Reviewed by Madoc, 8th grade, Dumbarton Area Library

Party Games comes out September 30, 2014. This review is based on an Advance Reading Copy (ARC) that publishers make available to libraries and professional reviewers before a book hits the stores. Our local Teen Galley groups read and review ARCs to discover the next big thing in teen fiction.

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