Teen Review–Liv, Forever by Amy Talkington

Liv, foreverLiv, Forever begins with the main character, Liv, being granted a scholarship at the prestigious Wickham Hall boarding school. Wickham is everything Liv has been working towards and it is her one chance to get and education and become a successful artist. Then Liv meets Malcolm. Malcolm is the opposite of Liv. He is popular, rich, outgoing, but he too is also an artist. The relationship between Malcolm and Liv flourishes, but it soon comes to an abrupt ending. Liv, Malcolm, and their friend Gabe soon find that Wickham is not only home to the students, but it is also home to ghosts. As stories of murders and secret clubs are revealed to the three friends, the novel rapidly shifts from a lighthearted romance to a very serious mystery.

I enjoyed the book overall, especially the many plot twists. Upon reading the first third of the book, the reader can assume it is just a typical teenage romance or a lighthearted novel. But after the first few chapters the tone of the novel changed dramatically which is something I really enjoyed. The plot was a bit confusing at times, but usually unpredictable which kept me engaged as a reader. I disliked the character Gabe and I felt we could have learned more about him, but I generally liked the book and it was a fast read.

The plot twists were very exciting. I was not expecting the major change in plot the happened about a third of the way through and just as I was getting bored of the characters and story line it introduced many new characters and events. For someone who likes to read novels about ghosts and murder mysteries, this would be a very fun read.




Review by Madeline, grade 10, Twin Hickory Area Library

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