Teen Review–Fallout by Todd Strasser

fallout_strasserIn the summer of 1962, Scott and his family construct a bomb shelter as the rest of the neighborhood watches in disapproval. Although Scott begins to worry as tension increases between the U.S. and Russia, Scott’s friends and neighbors seem unaffected and they don’t see the need for a bomb shelter. When a nuclear attack happens one night, Scott and his family, along with many eager neighbors, arrive at the shelter. There are only enough rations for 4 people, but when 6 additional people make their way into the shelter, the group begins to question their chances of survival.

I really enjoyed the setting of this novel and the main character was very likable. I knew very little about the Cuban Missile Crisis before reading Fallout and although this book isn’t entirely historically correct, I feel like I learned a lot. The novel switches between the summer leading up to the attack and the time the 10 people spent inside the shelter. This kept it interesting and it was a very fast read. The only downside was that not a lot action took place and I couldn’t really relate to the characters at all.

I really liked how the author described each person’s feelings towards the war and how he depicted Scott’s anxiety towards the threat of bombing.




Review by Madeline, grade 10, Twin Hickory Area Library

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