Best Commencement Speeches, Ever

NPR_commencement Some of you will be graduating from high school soon and you might be hearing your first commencement speech. Graduation speeches can range all across the board, from deadly boring to truly amazing and illuminating. Some graduation speeches have become famous and have been watched millions of times, like Steve Jobs’ speech to the 2005 class of Stanford — 15 minutes that are definitely worth a listen. National Public Radio (NPR) has created a database of 300 of the best commencement speeches given since 1774. You can search them by date, school, theme and name. Hear what President Kennedy said to the American University Class of 1963 and what J.K. Rowling said to the Harvard Class of 2008. They even have Kermit the Frog addressing the Southampton College Class of 1996! Many of these speeches are full of hope for what that graduating class might do with their futures and the world’s future, and some are just really, really funny. And remember to wear sunscreen.

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