Teen Review–Teen Spirit by Francesca Lia Block

teen spiritAfter Julie’s Grandmother Mariam dies, Julie tries to reach her spirit using an Ouija Board. In doing so, instead of reaching Miriam, Julia releases a spirit named Grant. Grant is the twin brother of Clark who died in a car accident a year back, and he is now able to possess Clark’s body every now and then, having no intention of leaving. Now Julie and Clark must send Grant back to where he came from before Grant sends Clark there first.

I personally really liked how the characters acted. Julie was able to put the pieces together with just enough information, and she was determined to stop it so she could save herself, her family, and her friends. Every moment of the book I tried to predict what would happen next, like would the plan work, or would it only cause more danger? Thinking back, I was also surprised about how much effort and thinking it took to try and get rid of a spirit. I also really liked how Grant and Clark had very different personalities, because it made the story a lot more interesting.

One of the most memorable parts in my opinion is when Julie met Grant. It gave you a sense of his personality, and that allowed you to predict what he wanted. Seeing how much the characters differed, but also had their similarities was really interesting to me, giving a new look to the story.

four stars



Review by Aislinn, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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