Teen Review–Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

rebel belleRebel Belle is centered around a girl named Harper Price, who is your typical southern belle, as well as SCA president, head cheerleader, and homecoming queen. Now what is a girl like her doing with David Stark, the dorky school reporter as well as the person Harper loathes the most? Well it starts when a janitor kisses her in the girl’s bathroom and then dies. Now, she has to protect David with her life. But from what she has to protect him from is the question.

This book was the perfect mixture of action packed, romantic, funny, and adorable at times. The characters were lovable, funny, and complex and dynamic. This book sent me on such a crazy emotional roller coaster, and I can honestly say I loved the ride. I also really liked how different this book was from a lot of today’s YA. A lot of it now is mainly dystopian, and also really serious, but  this was a refreshing change.

One memorable thing about this book was the abundance of comedic relief. Even in the seemingly most serious and dire situations, Rachel Hawkins still managed to make the situation funny.I absolutely adored this writing style, and I am looking forward to the next installment in this series.





Review by Liza, grade 8, Tuckahoe Area Library

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