Teen Review–When We Wake by Karen Healey

whenwewakeOn the happiest day of Tegan Oglietti’s life, she dies — a bullet to her body, and she tumbles, lifeless, down a flight of stairs.  The guitar-playing, love struck girl that boldly protested against the injustice of society is ripped away from the world forever — until she wakes up around a hundred years later in a world full of surprises for Tegan.  Known in the year of 2128 as a celebrity and successful experiment of the government, all Tegan wants to do is get on with the life that has been taken and given back to her.  But certain things are uncovered, and Tegan must decide if she should fight for her second lifetime the same way that she fought for her first.

When We Wake was a good read with an interesting plot line. The situations were reasonable and realistic, and the characters were nicely developed.  However, I began to get a little overloaded with all of the topics that the book was shoving into the plot line, such as discrimination and environmental issues. After a while, the political issues became very opinionated and they seemed to take over the book.  It was like a screen blocking my view of the actual book, and that put me off a little. Overall, When We Wake was a book whose first chapter drew me in with this bizarre idea of dying and waking up a hundred years later in a world that you know almost nothing about.

Tegan Oglietti, the main protagonist, is something to remember this book by.  I liked her character and how she was really just a normal teenage girl who wanted to stand up for what she thought was right.  I also liked how it was narrated from her point of view, seeing the world from her perspective and what she truly thought.

four stars




Review by Rachel, grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library

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