Teen Review–The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Fault in our starsIt is a novel about cancer, but this isn’t just your average story about a girl with some terminal disease. This novel is a surprising story about life, death, immortality, oblivion, and coping with it all. You will feel for the characters, laugh with the characters, and sob for the characters. This book will make you feel emotions about life and yourself that you haven’t even dreamed of feeling, and will probably rarely encounter ever again. Hazel Grace Lancaster, a teenage girl who is diagnosed with lung cancer was about to meet her fate that would change her boring life into an awaiting path full of adventures, love, and mysteries yet unraveled. One day, when Hazel Grace was at the Support Group for teenagers who are diagnosed with cancer she catches the eye of a new boy (Augustus Waters). They became the best of friends. The spent time texting and talking about their passions. Hazel suggests Augustus read An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten. Augustus and Hazel manage to contact the author and are invited to Amsterdam to discuss the untold mysterious ending of the novel which they both have fallen in love with. Their incredible journey through life, fighting cancer, and love is something every teenager should read and be inspired by.

This book is a source of inspiration for all teenagers around the world. The story of these two diagnosed teenagers helped me gain a different perspective for all the children who suffer from cancer. John Green uses a mixture of strong imagery and emotions to keep the reader interested in the plot. The author incorporated a very deep understanding of life and also used vivid vocabulary. The book created humor along with heartbreak due to some tragedies that were involved. Honestly, your teenagehood cannot be complete without reading this novel.

Although the entire book was absolutely perfect, the most memorable event was when Peter Van Houten (the author of their favorite book) replied to them inviting them to the beautiful city of Amsterdam to discuss the untold ending of the book. The two main characters were elated, and the reader could feel the happiness jumping out of the pages of the book due to John Green’s amazing writing style. This event changed the story into both positive and negative manners – which created rising tensions along with moments of pure happiness. The book was simply “perfect”.


Review by Zainab, grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library

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