Teen Review– The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Fault in our starsIn the beginning, Hazel Grace Lancaster goes to a cancer patients’ support group very reluctantly. She meets a boy named Augustus Waters who is in remission; they meet through a mutual friend named Isaac. Next, Augustus invites Hazel to his house to watch a movie and she accepts. Before he takes her home, they agree to read one another’s favorite books. Hazel reads An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten. It is about a girl named Anna that has cancer. Hazel says it is the only book that matches her experience. Hazel explains how the book ends mid-sentence and how the author left Amsterdam and hasn’t been heard from since. A week after the conversation, Augustus reveals that he talked to Van Houten’s agent through email and Van Houten wrote a letter to Hazel. Hazel writes back and wonders about the fate Anna’s mother faces, but Van Houten says that he can only answer her question in person. There is much more to the rest of the book that I do not want to spoil. If you want to find out the rest, read it yourself!

I loved the book. Everyone I know who has read this book loves it. I cried so much while reading this book. I don’t dislike anything, everything was great. John Green is a genius on making books rateable or sensitive just like this book. The way Green writes this book makes it better than most. He describes settings with humor and described the characters very well.

One memorable thing about the book was when Hazel compared herself to a grenade. She’s never been close to a lot of people because she knows if she does, then she’ll hurt them when she dies.



Review by Aida, grade 7, Dumbarton Area Library

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