Teen Review–Jackpot by Gordan Korma

jackpotIn the town of Cedarville, word has spread that a 30-million dollar lottery ticket is on the loose, and the money goes to whoever finds it first.  Griffin Bing, also known as The Man with the Plan, hopes to find this ticket and claim the prize.  However, he is not the only one fighting for the reward.  Darren Vader, his archenemy, poses Griffin as a bully and numerous things to lower his reputation.  Aiming to separate Griffin’s close-knit group of friends, he succeeds and Griffin has to hunt on his own. In addition, this is not Bing’s only problem.  There is a new kid in town, Victor Phoenix, also on the search for the missing ticket.  Victor has the unforeseen advantage of Griffin’s own friends helping him.  Due to this, Bing feels left out of the group, leaving him with two problems: to find the money and reunite with his friends.  Yet, Victor has more tricks up his sleeve, as does Darren.  The Man with the Plan will need much help, most of it completely unpredicted.  Will he able to complete this task before the deadline, or will the 30,000,000 dollars sink to a value of zero?

This book was very enjoyable and had much entertainment throughout its pages.  It starts slow-paced, but increases with action and adventure towards the middle and end.  The fiction and mystery combined make this a unique book.  The characters are well described, although a few more details would have increased the reader’s understanding.  Along with that, the personalities of the characters are described thoroughly and are creative.  There was a fair amount of humor and the suspense makes it even more interesting.  I liked the writing style, as well as the situations.  Overall, I enjoyed this well-written book and it is a must-read.

There are several memorable events in the book, and I will choose one to describe.  To me, the way that Victor uses his resources to lure Griffin’s friends towards himself is memorable and stands out.  This is because Griffin’s own friends abandon him and choose a new leader.  As this leaves Griffin alone, he becomes bitter and stews in his own resentment.  Although this makes the reader pity Bing, I enjoyed the details of this occurrence.

four stars



Review by Shivram, grade 6, Gayton Library

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