Teen Review–Sky Raiders by Brandon Mull


All Cole Randolph had wanted was to impress his friends with a Halloween surprise – a haunted house, rumored to be set up by a former Hollywood special effects director. However, the façade is torn down as strange people begin to file in and send Cole’s friends down into an even stranger place: the Outskirts, a land of in-between. Captured, bought, marked and freed, Cole meets an interesting girl named Mira while desperately trying to make sense out of the Outskirts and is thrown even farther into the mayhem. With the knowledge of his friends being sent to a mad king as servants, Cole must fight harder to save his friends, both new and old.

Sky Raiders was definitely an enjoyable read, and I look forward to reading the next book. I enjoyed the seemingly limitless creativity in the strange land of the Outskirts, with hula-hoop sized cookies, giant cheesecakes, swarms of skeletons, creation with magic, and much more. However, I was slightly annoyed at how I could not get a grasp on some of the characters’ personalities – no matter how many times I read her lines, I could not take Mira’s personality in my hands and clearly analyze it. Cole is the same, his personality is visible but you can’t seem to be able to really sense it.

This book seems to have a different touch from most of the other books that I have read. The way that things are conveyed, described, and put into action are easy to understand, and the concept of a dream world like a Outskirts is certainly interesting. The giant cookies are also a thing to remember this book by!

Four Stars

Review by Rachel, grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library

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