Teen Review–Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott


Tella is a teenager who receives a mysterious yet intriguing message. It states that she has the opportunity to participate in a race that includes the chance of winning a cure for a sickly loved one. Tella undoubtedly admits herself to compete in the race with a strong motivation in mind – to cure her sickly brother, Cody. After driving hours on end to begin the process, new competitors, ideas, hurdles, and decisive choices bombard her path to winning for her brother.

Tella is a relatable teenage girl who I found humorous. This is a book I was able to become fully engrossed in, the adventurous details of bearing through the weapons of nature was intriguing in itself. I appreciated the author’s writing style, it was very modern in the sense that phrases used by her characters are also used by today’s teenagers. The author made me really care for certain characters, to pray for their safety. I look forward to reading the next book of this series.

What I found most memorable about this book were the uniquely original futuristic/sci-fi inventions.

Four Stars

Review by Malika, grade 12, Sandston Library

2 thoughts on “Teen Review–Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott

  1. Hi. I’m glad to see that my review made it to teen scene! I didn’t receive an email confirmation like I have in the past for reading + reviewing books however. I’d like one just for record keeping 🙂

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