Teen Review– Rules of Summer by Joanna Philbin


Rory McShane is a very responsible girl, and she’s signed to be the summer errand girl for the Rules- a wealthy family with an enormous beachfront mansion. Rory was warned not to get involved with the Rules, but that’s easier said than done. Isabel Rule, the youngest member in the Rule family makes her first impression on Rory as snobby and spoiled, but what neither of them realizes is that the two will share an unforgettable summer. While Isabel begins to befriend Rory, she also seeks a desperate romance with a guy her parents would never approve of. The two girls begin to grow a stronger bond, sharing their problems and troubles, but will Rory’s secret crush untie the girls’ friendship altogether? And will the secrets of Isabel’s true family start to unravel?

The book was very intriguing and it had pulled me in from the beginning. I enjoyed the way that the author switched the perspectives of the characters between chapters, although at some points it got confusing. Drama and romance were some of the leading concepts that the author incorporated and that I took pleasure in reading. Overall, I would say that this book was fascinating and really showed how true friendship is formed.

One memorable thing about this book was how two girls from totally different worlds became best friends. It was interesting to see how Rory, a reasonable, responsible girl and Isabel, a dramatic, stylish chick befriend each other. The author shows that everyone is worthy of one another like Rory and Isabel are. It also shows how people that are nothing alike can end up as friends if they try. I liked how Rory and Isabel could count on each other to be there, without this the book would not have been so thrilling.

four stars

Review by Rishika, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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