Teen Review– Formerly Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham


Jane Margret Arrowood is an extraordinary high school senior who got her right arm ripped off by a shark. Her dream is to save a person’s life. She loves art but also wants to be a nurse so she could help a person. Now that she is a senior, she has to decide what college she wants to go to. She has to decide between art school or nursing. To be a nurse, science is very important, but she is horrible at it. So she hires a tutor which turns out be her old crush Max. Which college will she pick and how will her relationship with Max go?

This book is a great book. It is humorous, touching and sad all at the same time. This book gives you a feel of how it is like being handicapped and how hard life is. It is really touching how Jane survives her extraordinary life with such fun. Jane really knows how to live her life.

One memorable thing about the book is Max and Jane meet again and Max comes back into her life as her tutor. That is probably the most touching part of the book!


Review by Muskan, grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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