Teen Review– The Queen’s Choice by Cayla Kluver


The Queen’s Choice is about 16 year old Anya, living in the Faerie Realm, Chrior, ruled under her aunt Ubiqua. The heir to the throne, Zabriel, is missing in the human world, while Ubiqua is slowly dying. Instead of choosing the next in line, Illumina, the Queen chooses Anya to succeed the throne. Anya refuses to do so, so Ubiqua sends Illumina to find Zabriel. Anya goes after her.

I liked this book, except that it was a little boring in the middle with the traveling. I liked the adventure, and how Anya is unrelentingly loyal to Davic, her partner. I liked how Anya isn’t perfect and never messes up. She’s extremely flawed, which makes the story interestingly frustrating, which just adds to the interest of the readers.

I really liked how the Anlace was described, and how the entire Chrior was described.


Review by Maggie, grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library

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