Teen Review– Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige


When Amy Gumm, a charismatic girl with a neglecting mother, is whisked away from Kansas in a tremendous tornado, trailer home and all, she’ll find that she’s definitely not in Kansas any more.  She discovers that she’s arrived at Oz; only, a dreary version with lack of color and not a single cheery munchkin in sight.  A punk munchkin and wingless flying monkey tell Amy Gumm that Oz was virtually perfect until Dorothy became the power crazy despotic ruler.  Soon, Amy  is recruited by wicked witches to restore Oz to its previous wonder with one mission: killing Dorothy.

I originally believed this book might be a bit too crazy even for me, but I soon came to enjoy it deeply.  This book was full of original ideas, one of which obviously being to make a spin-off of The Wizard of Oz in which all the labels such as good and wicked are flopped around.  Amy Gumm, the main character, was very spunky, which lead to the entire book being very humorous.  Another pro of Dorothy Must Die was the tremendous attention to detail and great imagery.  My one complaint was that occasionally it would be a bit slow paced, but action-packed and significant pages compensated for that.

A memorable thing about the book was life in Emerald City, and how everyone was so oblivious to the casual but very apparent cruelty of Dorothy Gale.

four stars

Review by Kitty, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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