Teen Review– Moxie and the Art of Rule Breaking by Erin Dionne



This is a bizarre story about how a girl and her best friend, Ollie, accidentally get caught up in a huge art heist mystery. In present day Boston, Moxie Fleece is living a normal life until a shady stranger shows up at her front door and vaguely demands to ” return his items..or else”. The “items” turn out to 13 famous stolen pieces of art, which disappeared a few decades ago from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. As the plot continues, Moxie learns more about her family’s secretive past, all of which will help her hunt down all 13 works of art.   

This book was definitely an interesting and light read. I enjoyed the witty style of writing and race-against-time mystery feel. Although, at times it was a bit cheesy and overdone. The way the characters reacted to the situation at times was sometimes unrealistic, but that’s how good adventures start. Overall though, this was a pleasant, well-paced read filled with humor, mystery, and adventure. 

Something that I thought was relatively memorable was the reoccurring geometry proof motif in the story. Moxie would use a proof to help organize her clues and get her head straight. I remembered this detail because it not only helped the characters throughout the story, but also helped the reader stay on track about what was happening. 

four stars

Review by Brenda, grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library


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