Teen Review– Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi



In the final book of the captivating Shatter Me trilogy, we get to see how everything turns out for Juliette and her society. This book takes place after Omega Point has been destroyed in the war, and Juliette wants nothing more than revenge. Unable to locate any of her old friends, she must depend on Warner’s help to finally defeat The Reestablishment. Will Juliette be able control her powers and bring peace and freedom to the society while she realizes that everything she believed in was false?

As usual, I enjoyed Mafi’s beautiful style of writing so much. The words she used, the descriptions, and the dialogues were all perfect. However, as someone who has read the previous two books of the series, I felt like some characters had changed too much and some of their actions were unrealistically out-of-character. Overall it was a very well-written book, but because I had extremely high expectations for the book, I was slightly disappointed. 

The most memorable thing about the book was the friendship between Juliette and Kenji. The relationship that they have is absolutely amazing, and all of their conversation are hilarious. I was actually laughing out loud from some of the dialogues. 


Review by Maryum, grade 10, Twin Hickory Area Library

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