Teen Review– Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Cinder Linh is a cyborg living in New Beijing. Cinder is not welcomed in her society because she is a cyborg. Cinder has two step-sisters, Peony and Pearl, and an “evil” step-mother. She supports them by owning a mini shop that repairs broken equipment. One day, Prince Kai comes and asks her to fix his android; he is going through a difficult time because his father is ill with the sickness that has been killing many people. Suddenly, her sister catches the same disease as the King. Cinder blames herself for Peony’s sickness, but it seems she is immune to the disease to some degree and may help develop a cure. Cinder slowly falls in love with Prince Kai and then from then Cinder’s life is turned upside down.

The novel really good and was really connected to the Cinderella fairytale. I sort of wished that Peony would have been a more prominent character within the book. I sort of don’t really get the hatred for cyborgs within the story, but I guess it is understandable. I also think the personality of Cinder changed in the end of a book from what I thought she would continue to be.

Cinder was a great character that is able to fend for herself. I really liked her as a character who was strong and able to endure troubles. I never really thought of Cinderella as a strong girl, but because of Cinder my opinions are changed.


Review by Kelly, grade 9, Twin Hickory Area Library

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