Teen Review– Ashes to Ashes by Melissa Walker


Callie is a girl who likes to live on the wild side. However, one day during a drive to her boyfriend’s, her life is chopped off in an accident. Her denial of the existence of ghosts dissipates as she herself becomes one. Callie learns that ghosts exist and haunt not to scare people, but to remind them to grieve for their loved ones. Callie is mentored by a serious ghost named Thatcher, who she believes is very uptight and boring (though Thatcher truly wants to help her). Join Callie as she learns that ghosts from scary stories are real, and they will do anything to stay on Earth and never move on. 

  I thought that the way the author developed the main characters was very unique. Callie isn’t your everyday heroine and is pretty whiny and dim-witted at times. She is completely obsessed with her boyfriend, and never really questions the things around her. Her infatuation with her loved ones doesn’t let her realize how strange her existence even is. Some readers may enjoy that type of character who, as mentioned before, is somewhat different from usual protagonists. That being said, the whole story line of the book was enthralling and simply amazing. Giving a blind eye to the plot-holes enables the reader to fully grasp the mystery of afterlife concept.  

  The most memorable thing about this book is actually the design of the plot in this book. The story provides a unique approach on the concept of afterlife and the meaning of haunting. The book is also part of a series, which explains the huge cliffhanger at the end. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to try new things, but be wary of this book if you aren’t too fond of cliffies!


Review by Ajitha, grade 8, Gayton Branch Library


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