Teen Review– Seekers: Forest of Wolves by Erin Hunter


The book takes place after the third book of the Return to the Wild series, River of Lost Bears, written by Erin Hunter. The story begins when the four main characters of the book, Toklo, Lusa, Yakone, and Kallik, make their way to Toklo’s homestead up in the mountains. The book has many conflicts and climaxes where each of the characters are tested to get out of tough situations. In this book, the full force of nature, animals, resources, and mankind tests the four main characters to the bone.

In my opinion, I think that Forest of Wolves was a decent book. I enjoyed how the author described how the characters in the story cooperate with each other and get out of tough situations. I also thought that the book had lots of rich details describing when the storytakes place, along with the setting of each specific event. Although the book was magnificent, I believe that the previous book in the same series written by Erin Hunter was better than this book. The book was in a revolving third-person point-of-view, which I am not very fond of since it can be fairly confusing and hard to keep track of. I recommend this book to adventurous people. This book can be for both younger children and older children, as the plot is fairly complex, although the book’s genre is fantasy, which is suitable for younger children.

One memorable thing about the book is the fact that the book is in a revolving third-person point-of-view, which I do not come across very frequently while reading a book. I remember how when I was reading the book I was very puzzled since the book was fairly confusing because of the point-of-view.

four stars

Review by James, grade 6, Gayton Library

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