Teen Review– Jackpot by Gordon Korman


On October 6, a winning Giga Millions ticket worth $30,000,000 was sold. Yet, no one is sure who exactly the lucky winner is. The deadline to turn in the ticket to the office is approaching, and if it is not turned in by then, it will be worth $0. Griffin Bing (a.k.a. The Man with The Plan) wants to be the lucky winner, but he’s got competition. Griffin’s enemy, Darren Vader, will do absolutely anything to get the loot. Also, a new kid in town named Victor Phoenix is also on the case. However, he has Griffin’s friends to help him, which is something Griffin would never expect. Without his friends by his side, Griffin will need all the help he can get. With a little help from a Doberman, his dad’s latest invention and a 1960’s hippie, he might just be able to hit that Jackpot first, while winning his friends back.

In my opinion, I really liked the book overall. It was a very interesting story to me, which is something I don’t always feel when it comes to mystery books. I really liked how diverse each character was. For instance, Savannah is good with animals, while Melissa is good with technology. I really didn’t like how Darren Vader used Griffin’s father’s invention for destruction. Griffin took the blame for the whole situation because Darren’s mother was Griffin’s father’s lawyer. He didn’t want his father to think that Mrs. Vader couldn’t control her own son.

One memorable thing in the book was probably Luthor the Doberman. Even after being severely scolded by Savannah and being treated poorly because of a new cat in the house, he forgave Savannah in the end. This just goes to show how great a dog can be.


Review by Premsai, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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