Teen Review– Divergent by Veronica Roth


This story is about a divided Chicago, a city divided into five factions with one each representing bravery, selflessness, intelligence, honesty and kindness. Everyone seems to find their place in this dystopian world except for Beatrice who struggles to hide her Divergence. She makes the choice to leave behind her Abnegation faction to join the brave Dauntless, in hopes of keeping her Divergence a secret. However, there she meets Four, a mysterious guy who helps her control her Divergent traits and keep them hidden from the erudite leader Jeanine. Together they attempt to fight against their oppressive society.

The book was action-packed, with many hard choices made by the main character Tris. I really liked Tris’s decision to choose Dauntless because she was able to discover that “bravery is not much different from selflessness.” The writing style Veronica Roth used had many good vocabulary terms, but it was easy to understand. One thing I disliked about the book was that the main issue was addressed at the end instead of being mentioned earlier.

My favorite parts were the zip lining and the Ferris wheel climbing scenes of Tris and Four.


Review by Anupama, grade 10, Twin Hickory Area Library

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