Teen Review– Afterparty by Ann Redisch Stampler


This book revolved around a shy new girl, Emma. Her father is strictly overprotective of her; she doesn’t have much of a social life without having restrictions. She becomes friends with Siobhan, a rebellious and outgoing girl. Later, the reader realizes that Emma’s father has been hiding secrets from her- secrets that could change her life forever. Thanks to Siobhan, Emma starts to undo her shell she has been hiding in and starts making her own decisions. It starts off with her telling lies to her father, then it takes a turn for the worst once she hits the party.

I loved the fact that Emma and Siobhan are complete opposites of each other. Siobhan’s crazy personality and crazy end of the year pact will take you on a journey and you can’t guess how the story will end. I know the whole plot was around Emma coming out of her shell, but I felt like she was becoming Siobhan’s reflection. This does go into social issues,with teen’s struggling on fitting in and peer pressure and that’s the major part of the book that I liked. Teens can relate to the story of trying to break free from their parents and trying to fit in with the “in-crowd” in the school.

I really loved the end of the year pact, but I really don’t want to spoil it for the audience. One of the memorable scenes that I enjoyed was the whole theme of the bucket list-  all the bad things they will do and check off the list.. It’s a very interesting concept, since most people don’t tend to go for the bad things and usually stick with trying to do good things.


Review by Arghawan, grade 8, Dumbarton Area Library


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