Teen Review– Jungle of Bones by Ben Mikaelsen


This story took place in the forest of Papua New Guinea where the selfish fool Dylan Barstow almost died. Dylan was a teenager who only thought about himself. His father had died as a war correspondent in Darfur, Sudan so he lived with his mother Natalie. Natalie was tired of constantly watching over Dylan. Whenever Dylan did something wrong he blamed someone else. He had also skipped school behind his mother’s back and he stole things from other people. His behavior had gotten him into jail many times. One evening Dylan stole a car from the junkyard. Eventually the police caught him and put him in jail, but this time his uncle Todd came to pick him up. He told Dylan that Dylan would help him find Dylan’s grandfather’s plane which crashed somewhere in Papua New Guinea. Dylan thought they would find it in two days, but when he got there he was up for a big surprise.

What I liked most about this book was that the author used sensory details which created a vivid picture in my mind about what was happening while I was reading.  I liked how some situations were set up in a way that the reader would be completely astonished about what just happened. What I disliked about the book was that I felt the writing style in the introduction was a little different from the writing style in the main story. It felt as if the author changed the theme in the story. I also didn’t like how the author set up the ending of the book.

The most memorable thing about the book was when Dylan helped the old veteran get up and gave him his grandfather’s flag.


Review by Arijit, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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