Teen Review– Jackpot by Gordon Korman


In a town named Cedarville, The Man With The Plan is destined to find the lottery ticket that has not been claimed yet. It is worth a whole lot of money- an incredible $29,876,454.53! In the sixth book of the Swindle series written by Gordon Korman, Griffin (The Man With The Plan) along with a big doberman named Luthor, need a whole lot of luck in order to find the jackpot lottery ticket because his friends mysteriously abandoned him to help the new kid in town to find the ticket. Darren Vader, the school bully and Griffin’s archenemy, is also hoping to be the lucky finder of the nearly 30 million dollar jackpot ticket. Will Griffin find the ticket? Will Griffin ever get his friends back? Read to find out in this amazing new book in the Swindle series.

I thought that the book was incredible. In my opinion, the book was better than some of the other books in the Swindle series because it had more action than some of them. I loved how Griffin used his resources and creativity to devise a way to find the jackpot ticket. I loved the way Gordon Korman wrote the book, although I feel that the way he wrote the book to get the reader’s attention was for the sake of Griffin getting his old friends back, not because of anything exciting in the book. I disliked the character Darren Vader, because he was such a bully, but I loved Griffin for his amazing ideas on how to get to the jackpot ticket. The book had some exciting parts to it, too, and it got the reader’s attention so the reader can’t put the book down. Overall, I enjoyed Gordon Korman’s writing style in this book and enjoyed reading it.

One memorable thing about the book is that Darren Vader is such a bully, and that he should really mind his own business and not get into other people’s business.


Review by James, Grade 6, Gayton Library

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