Teen Review– Roomies by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando



Roomies  is a book about two rising college freshmen who find out that they are going to become room mates. Elizabeth (EB), an only child, is excited to move away from her single-but-ready-to-mingle mom and enjoy campus life with a roommate. After breaking up with her speedy boyfriend, she meets Mark, an amazingly sweet guy. However, EB discovers that her mom’s current sweetheart is Mark’s father, a married man! Lauren, on the other hand, being the oldest of six is slightly disappointed when she find out that she didn’t get a single. She experiences new beginnings with a guy named Keyon, and realizes that she isn’t as excited for college anymore. The two girls start an email chain, and experience happiness, anger, tears, and regret together. Join these girls as they eventually find themselves closer than ever! 

I really enjoyed this book because I felt that many of the situations were realistic and possible. Unlike other stories, this book didn’t try too hard to bring the overall message and idea across, which really helped the reader understand it better. None of the events were too exaggerated, and I felt that many girls could honestly relate to Elizabeth’s and Lauren’s feelings. The book was also written in alternating perspectives (one chapter in EB’s perspective and the next in Lauren’s and so forth), which is unique and different from most books, but allowed the reader to understand what each character thought. In the mid-end, I felt like there was a lack of real drama and it slightly contrasted from the rest of the book. However, overall it was a great read, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

The main parts I liked about this book were the emails the girls wrote to each other. As the reader, you are able to view the original email filled with all of the truths and thoughts of the girl, and then you see the final email she actually sends (which involves very little of the original email, if any). The emails are fun to read and are a main component of the story.

four stars

Review by Ajitha, grade 8, Gayton Library

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