Teen Review– Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins


The book takes place after Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen return from the Hunger Games, with their lives changing due to the fact that they’re now wealthy. President Snow is waiting for Katniss, and informs her that people saw her act in the Hunger Games as an act of defiance, and in order to avoid uprisings in districts she must convince everyone that it was an act of love, or there would be consequences. This year marked the 75th anniversary of the Hunger Games, but every 25 years there is a Quarter Quell. It was announced that the people in the Quarter Quell would be selected from previous winners of the Hunger Games, and ultimately Katniss and Peeta returned. 

This book kept you at the edge of your seat, and left you unable to put it down. The characters were distinct with different personalities, and it was almost like you knew them on a personal level. The situations were bittersweet, and ended with a plot twist that just leaves you hanging. Throughout the whole book, i stayed interested and eager to read the next page.

The most memorable thing in the book would have to be when President Snow made Katniss wear a wedding dress during the interview before they were put in the Hunger Games arena. You would think it was just a symbol of defeat, but Cinna made the dress burn up into a costume of what became the sign of defiance against the Capitol, a mockingjay.

four stars

Review by Grace, grade 9, Glen Allen Library


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