Teen Review– Avalon by Mindee Arnett


The book takes place in the future and in the middle of space. Jeth, the main character, is a thief and works for Hammer Dafoe, a crime lord and a very cruel person. Jeth’s uncle Milton gambled off Jeth’s ship Avalon in a card game to Hammer. In order to buy Avalon back. Jeth must complete jobs Hammer assigns him. The story is about one of those jobs, that take a turn for the worst.

The book itself was a little long, and I think it could have been split into two separate books. However, it was very good at describing the whole plot, and her writing style was intriguing. I really liked the big twist during their rescue mission in the Belgrave, and this was sort of the basis of the book. In addition, the chapters were sort of long, but at the end of each one, there was a huge cliffhanger to make up for it.

The most memorable part of the book was the notion of metaspace. Throughout the book the reader doesn’t have an understanding of what it is until near the end when it is explaned. I thought this idea of what could be was very interesting; the way the author came up with facts to back up her ideas but still made it seem story-like, and she explained it very well through the characters’ dialogue.

four stars

Review by Chad, grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library

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