Teen Review– Far Far Away by Tom McNeal


This book is about a boy, Jeremy Johnson Johnson, who is facing difficulties in his life. A girl full of adventure and man that has been stuck in the form of ghost meet him and change his life forever. All that Jeremy and the girl, Ginger, want is to go far, far  away from their town and leave all their troublesome problems behind. The man, Jacob Grimm, just wants to leave the Zwischenraum, which is a place that the troubled souls stay until they finish the thing undone. The only the thing that Jacob has to do is keep Jeremy safe from the Finder of Occasions.

Far Far Away is a great book and I truly enjoyed every single page. I loved how the author wrote with some much expression and felling. Tom McNeal is now one of my favorite authors. The other thing about this book that I admire about this exciting book is that there so many twists and there was really no common goal, which is exactly how life is. Far Far Away is a book that I read in one day because I could not put it down.

One memorable thing about this fascinating book is that there were so many twists, solutions, and problems. It could have been a realistic fiction book because it was very real and similar to real life.



Review by Vaishnavi, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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