Teen Review– Year of Mistaken Discoveries by Eileen Cook


High school senior Avery Scott appears to have it all: a hot AND smart boyfriend, a faithful posse of friends, and a loving family, even though she was adopted. But when Avery’s college applications don’t go as planned, she begins to fear that she’ll never be as perfect as her adopted parents were. On top of everything else, Avery’s childhood friend Nora recently killed herself. Nora was looking for her birth mother, but when things took a dark turn, she realized that the truth wasn’t always pleasant. Haunted by Nora’s memory and the nagging sensation she would never be good enough, Avery decides to enlist the help of Nora’s friend Brody and look for her own birth mother. But will the truth be any better for her?

In the beginning, this book seemed really boring and predictable. Avery seemed shallow and narrow-minded. But I soon realized that was the point. When Avery began her search for her birth mother, she wasn’t very tolerant of people outside her social circle. But with Brody’s help, she soon grew and became open and accepting, even though things didn’t always turn out the way she wanted. There was a balance of dynamic and static characters in this book, and it was perfect. Cook’s writing flowed effortlessly through the story.

I really enjoyed reading Avery’s and Brody’s final presentation, talking about their journey in finding Avery’s biological mother. We see exactly how Avery grew and learned to roll with the punches. Also seeing how friends can be the best help in most situations was really nice.

four stars


Review by Asha, grade 9, Twin Hickory Area Library


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