Teen Review– Ice Dogs by Terry Lynn Johnson


Destined to become a champion musher in dog-sledding, Victoria Secord, a teenage girl, owes it all to her dad. Unfortunately, her dad’s exceptional qualities as an experienced musher could not keep him from his horrid fate. Leaving Victoria with a burning feeling to triumph in the dog-sledding contest for her dad, she sets out on a journey to a fellow racer’s house to borrow some high quality canines. On her venture, a wounded boy crosses paths with Victoria, a storm rapidly following him. Victoria’s brief trip drawn-out, she struggles to supply her dogs, the mysterious guy, and herself with necessities. Their lives in her hands, she finds herself in a battle zone between life and death. Will all her precious four-legged fuzzballs, herself, and the injured boy return safely home, or will they find themselves lost and unable to wake from sleep in the morning?

I thought the book was a real page-turner. The action and figurative language Johnson packed into this book was amazing. I felt as if I was experiencing their voyage along with them, fighting for food and shelter. However, although I definitely enjoyed camping out with the characters throughout the pages, I noticed a bunch of repetition. Other than the frustrating repetition, the literary elements were amazing. I would recommend this novel to anyone who loves epic winter travels along with furry four-legged creatures.

One memorable thing about this book was the imagery. It really took my breath away and placed me in the book. I felt like I was narrating the book. Pictures kept filling up the space in my head as I went along through this awesome adventure. Overall, I felt paralyzed by the amount of literary terms in this novel.

four stars

Review by Emily, grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library


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