Teen Review– Just One Year by Gayle Forman


Just One Year is a sequel to the Gayle Forman novel, Just One Day. The story is in a man named Willem’s point of view, picking up straight from the end of the last book and answering all of the questions. Throughout the book Willem remembers a lost love, named Allyson, and spends several years searching for her in many corners of the earth, including India, Amsterdam, and Mexico. Not only is this about his search for a missing love, but also a story about forgiveness of the ones you love and seeking your own future.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, Just One Day, but this novel didn’t interest me as much. Of course, I had read the other one a year ago, eagerly awaiting the companion, but the story, rather than adding on to the first book, was more about adding a second point of view.. It didn’t complete the book and nothing about Allyson and Willem’s story was added. Also, there was a lot of nonsense about his family, which was very hard to keep up with.

A memorable part of this novel includes the vivid descriptions about the many places Willem visited. The author really painted a picture with imagery and made the reader feel as if they were there inside the book.



Review by Charlotte, grade 8, Gayton Branch Library


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